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    Children's Law News Volume 1 2018 issued

    March 2018CLN Volume 1 includes a number of cases and papers which are of relevance to the Children's Court jurisdiction.

    Opening of Surry Hills Children's Court in 2018

    December 2017: The new Surry Hills Children's Court will open on 15 January 2018. Surry Hills Children's Court is a 4-court complex, with state of the art Audio-Visual Link (AVL) facilities, 2 conciliation rooms, witness protection rooms as well as space for support services and agencies that support the Children's Court. Surry Hills Children's Court is located at 66-78 Albion St, Surry Hills. Contact details for Surry Hill's Children's Court can be found under

    'Contact Us'.

    Changes approved to Children's Court listing arrangements in January 2018

    December 2017: The President has approved changes to Children’s Court listing arrangements from January 2018. These changes include listing arrangements for the new Surry Hills Children’s Court, changes to the Illawarra Children’s Court circuit which will now incorporate Moss Vale and Goulburn, changes to the Central Coast Children’s Court circuit and a minor change to the Western care and protection circuit.  The Children's Court listing arrangements including arrangements beginning in January 2018 can be accessed under Listings.