Children's Court

Youth Justice Conferencing

The Children's Court may refer a young person for a youth justice conference under the Young Offenders Act 1997. Generally, the child or young person, their families, extended families, victims and their supporters, police, and the child's lawyer are able to participate in the conference. 

One of the aims of the conference is for the participants to agree to an outcome plan. An outcome plan might include things such as the young person making an apology to the victim and/or participation in an education, counselling or other program aimed at improving a child's prospects. 

The outcome plan is forwarded to the Children's Court where it is either accepted, rejected or returned for amendments. If the outcome plan is accepted by the court and the child satisfactorily completes the requirements of the plan, no further action will be taken by the Children's Court. 

Where participants fail to agree on an outcome plan or the young person fails to complete the outcome plan, the matter is referred back to the Children's Court where the proceedings will continue for the offence.